Most students remain confused while choosing the right career for themselves.

A typical MBA asks, “Should I go for Marketing or Finance or HR?”

A typical Engineer asks, “Should I go for a technical profile, a software profile or higher studies?”

Many take a decision based on half baked information, and then repent the whole life.

Don’t make the same mistake! Every career requires a set of attitude and skills, and one needs to carefully introspect whether one is really made for that career. Take an informed decision.

Once you join, you will undergo a detailed Career Counselling module that will show –

What career Options are realistically available?

What specific skill sets are required for each job profile?

Based on your own strengths, which job profile will work best for you?

There is also a chance to do a direct telephonic counseling with our IIT/IIM expert(s). These have worked in top companies like P&G, HCL etc. and would guide you in your choice.